Southwark Environmental Business Portraits

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Southwark Environmental Business Portraits

Bank Headshot Photographer

I love the challenge of doing environmental corporate headshots portraits and photographing portraits within a busy office environment. As you can see with the first picture (shown down below) the client office was packed full of people so I had to use a mixture of depth of field/lens compression, camera angle and also picking the right time to take the portraits! The tricky thing to deal with during the shoot was that every few minutes there were people walking through the studio that I had set up so I had to be patience and make sure each person had a sufficient time (ten to fifteen minutes) to get their portrait that they were happy with.

I had to keep the lighting setup fairly simple so there wasn’t any light stands blocking the well used corridor. I used my favourite light modifier (Phot-r octa softbox) and a medium sized Lasolite reflector to fill in the shadows on the left side of the client face. I used my Godox A200 with a bulbed head so it created a soft and flattering light on the subject faces. I always say to clients that the hardest thing when photographing a corporate headshot job is not the photography bit (I do 4-5 portraits jobs per week), its getting people to relax so I always aim to do a lot of talking which hopefully breaks down the barriers a little bit so people can start to relax and hopefully get a picture that they are comfortable with.


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