London Conference Photographer – 15 Hatfields

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London Conference Photographer – 15 Hatfields

London Southbank Event Photography

A couple months back I was commissioned to create corporate images conference at 15Hatfields which located a stone throw away from London Southbank. It is a great venue for holding a conference or smaller events and it super close to Waterloo Station (about 5 minutes walk away) so I was glad to have the opportunity to work there. My job for the day was to capture and start to build a archive of images to use for future marketing purposes. So throughout the day I spent photographing the networking sessions that popped up during the coffee and lunch breaks then also capturing the speakers during the conference as well the reactions from the audience.

During the networking sessions I started to focus on tighter crops and focussing on one person interactions with her or his fellow attendies then later on I worked on shooting a bit wider to show the fullness of the room. This way there was more options for marketing.

Later on when I was photographing the conference I always aim to shoot lots of wide shots to show how busy the main room is and then got tighter crops of the speakers/panelists. Having shot hundreds of events and conferences over the years it works well to have a mental shot list in my head so each client ends up with quality pictures that are more useful for their company archive.

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