Shoreditch Headshot Photography

Shoreditch Headshot Photography

Business Portraits Against Blue Paper

A lot of my clients request their company headshots against light grey or pure white so it was a nice change when a new recent client wanted their portraits against a blue backdrop. I spent the morning photographing the new additions to the client company. I had the client to book out one of their meeting rooms so I could easily setup a studio. Once I got into the space I spent 30 minutes or so setting up my lighting equipment and once I was ready each person had ten minutes to have their portrait taken against the blue paper roll. I wanted to create a soft and flattering light so I used my Phot-r octa softbox which I feathered across each person face (feathering light is a simple technique to softening your light source) and then I used two Lasolite reflectors to fill in the shadows so they become less dense. I must admit I haven’t used reflectors much over the years because I ended up just using more flash to fill in the shadows but reflectors are so complimentary to creating a professional portrait. As added bonus two small reflectors are so much easier to transport on the tube or the bus especially during the London morning rush hour!



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