Hyde Park Business Portrait Photography

Hyde Park Business Portrait Photography

One of the challenges I thrive on while working as a professional photographer is being able to create a studio and produce professional headshots in any environment. One week I’ll be mostly working in client offices, setting up shots in their meeting rooms or their work spaces, and then the following week I’ll be working in a sitting room, setting up my portable studio around the furniture (as shown in the photo below). As long as I can get up to ten feet in length I can set up my lighting gear anywhere. And to make things less complicated all my lights are battery powered so I don’t have to worry about plugging anything in.

When there are only a handful of people who need their portrait taken, most of the time the whole job would take no more than a couple of hours: this includes setting up (up to thirty minutes) then 10 minutes per person for the portrait, and around 15 minutes to pack up the gear at the end.

During the booking stage before the photoshoot I recommend the amount of space I would need and give realistic timings of the length of the shoot, specific to each client’s needs. Also I can offer either morning or afternoon slots so we can get a time that suit you and your colleagues.

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