Blackfriars Headshot photographer

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Blackfriars Headshot photographer

Portrait photography in Blackfriars

Last week I spent three days photographing three different sets of London corporate headshots for a new client in Blackfriars. It was a busy shoot and lots of planning had to be made before I could take my first portrait.

The client wanted three different business headshot portraits, one with a plain backdrop and the other two was with a more environmental setting. Normally I would try my hardest to minimise my kit so i can easily hop onto the tube or train and get there with my back still intact but with three different lighting setups I had to bring (a lot!) more equipment. Thank god for the invention of Uber! Here is a few pieces of my equipment:

After arriving, I spent an hour or so setting up the lighting equipment throughout the company floor. I had to do the shoot over three days due to the number of staff that had to have their corporate headshots taken so I had to measure everything out with a tape measure and draw lighting diagrams (my memory is terrible) so I could easily setup each morning. There was plenty of space to setup my equipment but for the second lighting setup I had to rest my lighting stand on the main meeting table.

The rest of the lighting setups was done in the hallway and at the end of the meeting room.

After having all the Profoto B1 and Godox AD200 lighting setup and tested, I had ten minutes per person to get their headshots. So I worked through each setup and shooting tethered to Lightroom so the clients could choose their pictures throughout the shoot.

Here is a example of one of the final portraits from last week. Thanks for reading!

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