Professional Headshot vs Selfie

Professional Headshot or a Selfie?

Many people (including myself) find having a professional corporate headshot taken very daunting, but with so many people working from home now, it’s becoming more and more important to have a good portrait of yourself for your zoom profile, LinkedIn profile shot, and of course, company website profile. A good portrait allows your past and future clients to gauge a bit about who you are, but it also helps present a professional image.

It might appear more cost-effective to take a selfie with your phone or make a crop out of a favourite group picture… but the download-side to using a portrait taken this way would be how people view you, your brand and your business values, online. A selfie that’s been taken in poor light or from an unflattering angle will make you look less professional, and potentially go against the ethos of your brand.

Using an experienced corporate photographer will enable you to appear in the best possible way.

During the booking stage, I will talk to you in detail about the type of professional headshot that will work best for your needs. I will suggest different backdrops or environmental settings (an office or outdoor location for instance) and can suggest a number of different poses to give you the best variety of headshots for your professional profile.

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