Business Headshots Against White Backdrop

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Business Headshots Against White Backdrop

Company Portraits Against a White Background.

Every few months I get invited to my client office in Moorgate to update their newest employees corporate headshots.

To keep it uniform and consistent with their previous company portraits we always photograph the headshots against a white background. My client wanted a pure white backdrop which gives them more options with their final portraits.

I always travel to my clients offices with my portable studio so i can quickly setup my lights where there are reasonable amount of space. When everything is setup and ready to go, each person will have their portrait taken in the studio. I always shoot tethered to my MacBook Air so each person can easily review their shots throughout the shoot so everyone walks away happy with their final chosen corporate headshot.

I don’t always have a lot time with each person but I do my best to get people to relax and try to get the best out of each person which isn’t a easy thing to do when on average I tend to get no more than five to ten per minutes per person! Here is a example of a pure white corporate headshot photo.

If headshots against pure white backdrop doesn’t matches my clients brand I can shoot easily shoot portraits against a off white (like shown below).

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