Why hire a corporate photographer vs agency photographer?

Corporate photographer vs agency photographer

When I take on a new corporate photography contract, I make sure that communication is prioritised from day one. This way, nothing is ever lost in the email discussion. I also advise clients on the logistics plus guide them on how to get the best photographic results, in the given timeframe.

Great communication is key for clients to come away with the imagery they need to help with marketing, LinkedIn profile shots, or other social media campaigns.

When clients hire me to photograph their event or corporate headshots – they know that it’s me that will take their photograph, not an unknown photographer hired through a photographic agency.

With a photo agency, you miss out on the working relationship and rapport developed through hiring an individual photographer. There’s so much that goes into each corporate photoshoot (I photograph over 150 corporate photographer commissions per year).

Every job starts with either an email or a phone call to start building a set of requirements and schedules. This is followed by the day(s) of the photoshoot and then finally, the delivery of the images.

Everything is done by me, meaning the final images will be exactly how the client envisioned their corporate shots.

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