environmental headshot

What does an environmental headshot mean?

What does an environmental headshot mean?

Every client has a headshot brief that will show their brand or company ethos in the best way. Some clients prefer their company headshots against a studio backdrop like a seal grey or a pure white background but sometimes it could work well to photograph portraits in your workplace setting. This might make them appear less formal but they can still come across as professional with the right guidance from me.

Here a few questions that previous clients have asked me over the years…

  • Would you need a site visit before the photoshoot? 

I wouldn’t normally, I photograph at least a half dozen headshots per week in new offices throughout London so always happy to think on my feet and work out the best way to get great headshots in your workplace.

  • I have lots of office furniture within my workplace… would that be a problem?

No not all, i am very used to moving tables or chairs so I can set up my studio lights in the most flattering position.

  • I can’t decide what work best either a environmental headshot in my workplace or a traditional headshot… what do you suggest?

Depending on time and space I can set up two mini portrait studios so both options can be covered.

Examples of a recent environmental headshots

Next steps…

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