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Corporate Event Photography – At Goldsmiths’ Hall London

Be prepared to have a sore neck when you visit Goldsmiths’ Hall in St Paul, it’s a totally mindblowing building to visit and to photograph in. The building itself is located five minutes away from St Paul tube station and the venue has an incredible set of rooms including the Exhibition Room and the Drawing Room. My client commissioned me for their London corporate photographer in the morning and then the afternoon had an option of either networking with other attendees or there was a great option to get a short coaching session in their chosen field. With it being such a busy event there were loads of different opportunities to get a great set of an alternative type of imagery.

St Paul Event Photography

The first appearance of Goldsmiths’ Company venue was that it a little bit dark but once your eyes adjusted to the lovely soft window light throughout the different rooms it had lovely pockets of light that brought the real atmosphere to the venue.  The brief was very simple it was to capture the energy and to get across a range of different images that show the whole of the event. As always here a few favorite images from the day.

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