Exhibition Photographer at Science Museum in London

Exhibition Photographer at Science Museum in London

On a rainy October evening I was invited to photograph a corporate event at the Science Museum in London. My brief for the evening was to create enough photographic archive for future marketing! I spent the night photographing the beautiful canapés, the amazing surroundings and the interactions between the guests. The lighting was very low level so I decided to use my Sony 35mm and 85mm primes to keep my presence discreet but also to keep the atmosphere of the museum in the final pictures.

I started photographing from 7pm and started taking pictures of the venue plus the food so there was a record of the details from the night. After the vast space started to fill up with guests I worked on getting good tight shots of the interactions by using my 85mm then finally worked on getting nice wide shots of the people enjoying the museum. All the photographs were taken with my two Sony A7iii bodies without any flash. Here are a few favourite event pictures from the evening.

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