How to prepare for a corporate headshot photography session 

How to prepare for a corporate headshot photography session 

When booking a corporate headshot photography session, it’s useful to have an idea of how to prepare. Chances are your team will be asking for tips and advice too, so I’ve put together this short article as a guide, to hopefully answer some of those questions. 

Please do get in touch if you have any other questions, or to book your corporate headshot photography session. You might also like to check out my other services, including event photography and corporate photography, to create engaging marketing images for your business and brand.

How to prepare for a corporate headshot photography session  8Where will the photoshoot take place? 

I bring everything with me to create a pop-up studio in your office and take professional headshots during your working day. As I’m bringing the studio to you, there’s no need to factor huge amounts of time out of everyone’s schedule, the process is quick and easy. 

Some of my clients have several office sites and book headshot sessions on different days for each site. Having the same studio backdrop to use across multiple offices means I can produce consistent headshots at every location.

How to prepare for a corporate headshot photography session  9What space is required for the studio?

I can create a studio pretty much anywhere, but ideally a room with 10ft in length and width makes for the best in-office studio location. Portraits will be taken with soft, flattering lighting and I don’t need access to plug sockets, my setup is completely self-sufficient. 

I even bring a laptop with me so clients can review the images straight away and check they have a headshot they are happy with.

How to prepare for a corporate headshot photography session  10How do I get all the kit to your office?

Working as a corporate headshot photographer in London means I’ve become very good at juggling all my kit whilst travelling on the tube across the city! Believe it or not, I’ll turn up with a full pop-up studio, all lighting and tech wherever you need me – after years of practice it’s now just part of my normal working day.

Once I’ve arrived on site, it would be great to have a quick ten-minute briefing with you before we start. Then it’ll take me about 30 minutes to set up the studio and be ready for the first client. 

Tips to make your headshot photography a success

Here are a few helpful tips to help you prepare for your corporate headshot session, and bit more about what to expect and how I work on the day.

Pre-warn your team

I always recommend clients pre-warn their teams of the date the headshot session is booked, and send reminders beforehand. That way they won’t be caught off guard on the day, and will come dressed as required. 

Wardrobe suggestions

Speaking of dressing as required, this will largely be down to your brand and existing dress code. If you are having headshots on a white background, I recommend that everyone knows to avoid wearing a white top or shirt. You can also check out some examples of my recent headshot photography to see outfits other clients have chosen.

I’d also recommend that everyone has a quick check of their hair and outfit in a mirror before coming to their session.


I would recommend allowing approximately ten minutes per person, this gives me enough time to get people relaxed and make sure they have a headshot they are happy with.

How I work on the day

I’ll spend some time chatting to people to put them at ease so everyone feels as relaxed as possible. After all, people do look their best when they are relaxed. 

As I shoot tethered to a laptop, people can view their headshot straight away to check they are happy with it, and we’ll reshoot until they have a set of images they love. I also do light blemish removal before delivering the final images, for example, removing shaving cuts or spots and reducing fine lines a little if requested.

Ready to book your session?

I’m always happy to chat and help you to get the most out of your headshot photography session. If you have any other questions, or to check my availability and book your session, please do get in touch.

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