Environmental Portraits in Bank

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Environmental Portraits in Bank

Business Portraits taken outside

One of my regular clients always have their business headshot photography in London taken outside their offices which can prove challenging with Bank being so busy with cars and people. With that in mind I always spend a bit of time scouting for possible quieter locations so I don’t waste anyone time during the photoshoot. When I am taking pictures I tend to use a mixture natural lighting and a little bit of fill flash to get the desire results.

I always aim to get a mixture of different facial expressions so the client has a good selection to choose from. It nice to be able to get a range of smiling, semi serious and approachable looks so there is a great variety to be able use corporate headshot photography across LinkedIn and other online uses.

I tend to blur out the background so there is less distractions from the portrait itself and it also makes the headshots pop out from the picture.

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