Best Corporate Headshot Photography Lighting Setup

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Best Corporate Headshot Photography Lighting Setup

Corporate Headshot Studio Setup in London

As well as shooting events I photograph corporate headshots a couple of times a week for my clients’ businesses throughout London. With driving around different parts of London can be potentially very time consuming I always travel by tube or any public transport that is necessary so I have to keep my lighting equipment well packed and portable! I hate to think of how many years I have spent trying different lights, bags, stands and other bits of photographic stuff! Thankfully over the last couple of years I have honed the gear down to a Thinktank Airport bag, a Manfrotto stand bag and a Lastolite collapsible background. Its fits everything I need and doesn’t tire me out (to much!).

What included in my Corporate Headshot Photographer bags

  • Lasolite collapsible background (white/grey)
  • Two Nikon cameras
  • Sigma 85mm 1.4 (my go to lens for headshots)
  • Nikon 24-70mm 2.8 (this my backup lens just in case for unexpected requests for group shots or something similar)
  • Two Godox AD200
  • Profoto B1 head if I am shooting portraits all day
  • Tethered cable
  • External Hard drive
  • Macbook
  • Photek softlighter (medium size)
  • Spare umbrella
  • Four stands
  • A small Lasolite to fill in the shadows
  • A clamp to hold the reflector in place

Here a few pictures of my most recent shoot followed by a final portrait delivered to my client. Any questions you can send me a quick email here: 


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