Business Portrait Photographer in Bank

Business Portrait Photographer in Bank

Headshots within a office setting

I love the challenge of doing business portraits because you never fully know what to expect when you walk into a client office or their work environment. I always do research on the client workplace but its really difficult to really know what the lighting will be like or how busy the place will be. My photographic equipment will always consist of two options so I can photograph the requested portraits in any setting.

My client wanted me to photograph himself and his colleagues within their busy office. With it being a very busy company i had to find a spot in the office that wouldn’t have glaring distractions in the backdrop. I decided that I need to use a Sony 70-200mm zoom lens and shoot it with a shallow depth of field so there wasn’t anything that would take the attention away from the portraits.

I used my big octa soft-box so I could be in control of the light and balance that with the light in the rest of the office.Here are a few more examples of my business portraits in a client workplace.

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