Best Backdrop Colour For Business Headshot Photography

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Best Backdrop Colour For Business Headshot Photography

My second most requested type of corporate headshot is against grey. This is a great look for corporate businesses and it creates a very professional business look (in my eyes!).

Recently I spent the day producing corporate headshot photography in London and they needed a few new headshots of their recent employees who just started at the company. In this case I didn’t have my Lasolite grey backdrop with me on site but I could use a white wall that was in one of the meeting rooms.

By not adding any light onto the background it makes the backdrop go light grey in the final pictures. Out of habit I always bring a small octa softbox or a umbrella and a reflector so i can easily create a professional corporate headshot if the client urgently needs them.

So the final pictures were only lit with a main Godox AD200 flash on my left and a reflector to fill in the shadows. Here is one of the examples of the headshots against grey that I took for my clients. It only takes between 10-20 minutes to setup the portable studio and each person had up to ten minutes to get their images that they could use for Linkedln or their company profile picture.


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